Sunday, 13 March 2011


After such a fateful few months,  and feeling slighty guilty for doing so little work over the winter months, I decided Molly (and I) needed a little morale boost.  We had been saving the big clean for the MOT day, but as the sun warmed up and the dream of holding a green MOT form feels increasingly formidable, we decided the day had come to scrape the mould from her fibreglass and reveal Molly's majestic beauty to the world.
So we called some folks to come celebrate Imbolc; the spring time awakening of earth and of Molly.


Unfortuneately on the chosen day we all arrived either too hungover or too drunk to be of much use, so I set about mixing the bloody mary's whilst others napped in the sunshine and the wonderful Rosie put in most of the elbow grease...thanks Rosie (she can be seen displaying her talents on the roof of the van below).

When the cleaning was completed, Molly transformed, spring had sprung... we all piled into the back of the campervan the first of many high tea's.  Complete with my Molly shaped birthday cake! 

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