Tuesday, 15 March 2011

An Irritating Case Of An Incontinent Fuel Pump

   After we’d fitted the rebuild kit to the AC Delco fuel pump all was fine for a while.  Then after refitting the fuel line one day it started pissing out with fuel when the engine was running.  The original fuel line is copper and it looked pretty rough so I ordered a new nut and olive and decided to remake the line.  While the pump was off I noticed it looked as though it had been cross threaded.  I took it to a friend of mine to helicoil but he returned the same afternoon saying that it was fine and probably came out the factory looking like that.  The parts arrived in the mean time but I had been sent the incorrect size olive.  I refitted it anyway and sure enough it leaked again so I decided to replace the pump instead.
   These pumps are not unique to the Bedford range so I found one on eBay listed as for a MG or Humber, the advert couldn’t be sure.  The mounting flange was different but I was hoping I could splice the two together.  When it arrived we checked it over and the top half of the new pump fitted the bottom half of our old pump perfectly.
   I stopped into the Landrover garage again so see if he had the correct olive and he produced a length of hose the same diameter and the ID of the nut and the corresponding olive.  I think he said it was from a series Landrover.  Anyway, it meant that we could do away with the copper line and run a flexible plastic one much more suited to absorbing the vibrations of an old vehicle like ours.  Success.

 The different flanges.  The new upper has been fitted to our old pump lower (left)

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