Wednesday, 19 October 2011

300 Miles and counting

We haven't had a great deal of time spare to take Molly out for as many jaunts as she deserves to clear away the cobwebs, but she has already racked up over three hundred miles and (touch wood) hasn't missed a beat.
We know from the previous owners that she used to holiday a lot in Devon and so we decided to take her back to see a few of her old hang outs and show her what has chaned, if anything.  So, with this in mind, we went to Beer Bay, Watchet, Sidmouth, the Donkey Sanctuary and the Bakerlite museum (which was her particular favorite).

After having her fill of fish and chips in Beer, she made a somewhat unhurried ascent out of the village and on over the hills toward Sidmouth.  Her temperature guage barely flinched as she trundled along mile after mile.  She wasn't even as thirsty as we had predicted.  55mph is quite an experience when one is perched upon her finely upholstered bench.

In Sidmouth her old fashioned tastes came to the fore when we could barely drag her away from a shop selling bespoke hand made Royal wedding memorabillia.

Sadly the chap who owns the Bakerlite museum was not present as Molly was impatient to complement him on such a fine establishment.  We agreed, truly it is a wonderland.  All in all, a rather tired Molly concluded, "Not much really changes."
And with that she lit another Marlboro, recoiled on her velour poof and closed her eyes.

More Rot

It took two session to release the water container housing from the van, It was jammed good and proper.  Anyway, it has had a few reapirs of the years but really it's fairly shot.  I'll be making a new one of the winter during my luch hours as well as a few other body parts and trims etc.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Good Golly Cream Teas Postcards

We've been pretty slack with the blogging lately and had a few complaints!  After the MOT we breathed a sigh of relief, had a little holiday and finally had a couple of weekends off!!  

We still have plenty of work to do, not least the inside and exterior paint work, so the bloggings definitely not over!  

I'm getting things started for Molly's foray into business next year, here's her new promotional postcards...and we even have our first booking for next August already!

We've had a couple of practice runs with 'Cream Teas for Charity'... Molly was admired almost as much as my cakes!  

Molly's scone selling has raised a massive £280 for Charlotte Miller Art Project (UK reg charity no 1064645) and will help fund a new programme of Participatory Photography with street children in Ecuador (designed and run by yours truly starting Nov 2011 until May 2012... I'll be back in time to make the most of the cream tea season I promise! )