Monday, 9 May 2011

Brakes bled and Molly hits the road (Grass) - The Movie

It turns the correct way up half way through;

Brakes bled and Molly hits the road (Grass)

We have temporarily borrowed Dolly's gear stick, though we are still endeavouring to find her a replacement. This enabled us to move her onto hard standing and get her bottom in the air.

Then Rachel jumped under the van and we began the bleeding process. We quickly noticed the unions we had forgotten to tighten up and after that all went well. So, for the first time in our ownership and in the last 11 or so years, Molly took to the road (grass) in (relative) safety.
Rachel and Molly lapped the paddock time and time again with no problem although the heat and fumes from the exposed engine were a bit much after half an hour or so.

After this we need to get the headlamps and wipers working, get an exhaust tail piece, reattach the drivers door, fit new locks and get a horn. Then it's MOT time.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Devil is in the Detail

Whilst the Osborne boys pondered the electrics...

I decided to do something useful and find more surfaces to cover with orange floral fabric.  

Sun visors!

Completely pointless but I'm no use with the mechanics/electrics so I have to find something to do... 

Quick update

Molly is now running a fine Accuspark electronic ignition.  It's a very smart little kit that sits beneath the distributor cap and takes a matter of minutes to fit.  She starts and runs well.

All the wheels cylinders are now fitted and I have given the old lines to a mate of mine so he can copy them.  Next weekend we'll hopfully get the brakes bled and take Molly for a short drive down the lane.

Another friend of mine pop over the other day and put his mind to the electical problem we were having.
Molly now starts and stops properly and the dyno is charging the battery as it should.  We also have a mechanical oil pressure guage fitted and an ammeter.  Next is to get the front and rear lights working and fit a fuse box.