Sunday, 13 March 2011

Things fall apart...

At forty five years of age, after a decade of neglect wherein the most damage she endured was some wood rot and mice moving in, apparently we upset the natural course of things in uprooting the old girl... I jubilantly skipped down the garden back in October, after handing over a wad of cash and becoming the proud owner of this resplendent vehicle, I pulled back the driver side door to leap inside, only for the hinges to give up the ghost and I landed in the nettles door atop of me.  Olly wedged it back in and declared it a job for 'later'.  We have since watched the passenger door become increasingly wobbly and weak; we await the imminent detatchment. came the column shift debacle - an infuriating event I am not allowed to write about, for my fury is less controlled than Olly's. 

...and just a few days later the mid winter winds picked up, Molly sat a sorry night alone in the Somerset garden savaged by the weather.  A phone call from Olly's Brother Zachary informed us she had lost a skylight window and got a little damp inside.  Said window was found strewn in four parts across the south west.  

My patch up job for the skylight 

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