Monday, 25 April 2011

Molly Says 'Boycott Tesco'

Molly is an old fashioned gal.  Made of great British Engineering, designed for luxury leisure in the green fields and woods of our fair isle.  She supports local economy and business, cherishes good craftsmanship and only allows us to cook real free-range farm eggs on her little gas hob. 

Molly has peacefully protested for issues dear to her heart since her youth and is very proud to say “I survived the scrappage scheme”, last Thursday she was protesting against the gentrification of Stokes Croft.

In an interview on Friday Molly said, “Think local.  Boycott Tesco.” 

A pap shot of Molly on the front line during the anti-tesco protest in Stokes Croft on Thursday 21st April ’11.

Molly protested for equal pay for women in 1968.

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