Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Rot

The driver's door had already fallen off and now the passengers door was begining to sag a lot so I decided to pull them both off and repair them as properly as I could.  I've not done repairs of this type before so it was always going to be tricky.  First of all I cut away the fibreglass and dug out the old wooden frames that had turned to mulch over the last forty six years.

I then cut the wood to a rough shape and treated it.  I held it in place with a few crude screws and then began laying the glass fibre on inside and out having got access by removing the fibreglass behind the door pannels.  The second picture shows what wood was left in the door.

Once dry I removed the screws and sanded back the fibreglass ready to drill the new holes for the hinges.
I have used some slightly larger stainless countersunk bolts to hang the doors with so had to take out the hinges by 1mm.  I then made up some 2mm galvanized plates to spread the load on the door frame when tightened up and drilled them to suit the bolt configuration.  The driver's side door is now back on and is solid but I have not yet got aroud to sorting the passengers door.  Too many jobs at present.

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