Monday, 2 September 2013

Out with the old and in with the new.

First things first in getting Molly ready for the wedding is to give her a face lift.  She's getting on a bit and everything is starting to slip as it happens to the best of us.  We decided to respray her and make any required repairs along the way.
Here she is looking a bit of a sorry state after her rear door had fallen off.  This happened earlier in the year but other projects meant the repair was postponed.  In the picture you can see I have started the long and arduous task of rubbing her down.

 Now, Our Molly doesn't have an awful lot of steel in her compared to other vans of her size but what steel there is is subject to the same fate; rust.  We'd done a bit of welding to her before including repairing the bulkhead, a small section of chassis and the NS inner wheel arch.  But I also knew there was some lurking behind her front panel so I removed it to make the repairs.
Here is a section I removed and next to it is the new one I made to replace it.  At the bottom is another replacement although I've not yet made the square hole in the pic.

 The next sequence of photo's show the section being installed.  The top of the panels either side of the radiator were also rotton and needed replacing as were the forward part of the front wheel arches.  All the metal is good nick was ground back, treated and then primed.  I'll paint this all and waxoil what needs waxoiling in the near future.

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