Monday, 2 September 2013

Bloody hell, it's been nearly a year since the last post in this blog.  Well that shows how savagly neglected poor old Molly has been.  Not to fear however, her spirits have been lifted by a most unusual request.

While Molly was gathering mould beneath the Sycamore and spending her hours knitting spiders webs things were happening elsewhere.  Just when she thought she'd been heartlessly abandoned for the second time in her life she was asked to take a young lady to her special day. 
"What joy!"  Said Molly.  "I'll be the belle of the ball!"
"Half a second miss."  Said the bride to be.  "I rather hoped I'd be the belle."
"Ah, yes."  Molly replied now rather embarressed by her outburst.
"Anyway" Contined the bride to be.  "You can't very well go like that now can you."
Molly limped over to the pond (for her clutch was seized) and gazed down into the misty waters.  The bride to be was right, Molly was not looking her finest.  She looked back sorrowfully at the bride to be.
"Come along now Molly, lets get you fixed up aye?"
The two walked hand in hand back to the workshop.

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