Monday, 20 June 2011

Wax Oil and Wipers

Over a glass of borrowed whiskey, in front of an open fire in a borrowed house, we are formulating a detailed and complex plan of the final stages of Molly's ressurection.  THE FINAL STAGES.

Everything on the van, theoretically, seemed straight forward.  But as is the way with Molly, nothing transpires as so.  For example, after everything we have seen and done, the windscreen wiper motor should be easy to change out.  But Bedford had decided to mount the motor in a rather awkward place, with rather awkward bolts.  After several hours and several knuckles split, Olly placed the final piece of Molly's electrical jigsaw.  Windscreen wipers work.  But they do insist on parking in the middle of the windscreen.

Emerging ill tempered after three hours spent with this spanner

Whilst Olly chapped his knuckles beneath the bonnet, I finally got to paint something - sort of.  I have been counting down the days to MOT, and with it not being booked and 'easy jobs' taking two days, I am quite consistently disappointed.  I can't wait to paint a fresh coat of white inside and out.  But for now I had to make do with black.  Wax Oil black, smeared onto the chassis with a paintbrush.  I was pretty proud of myself for putting in a proper bit of hard work, but I had apparently wasted much of the wax on myself.  I have just found out it's a bugger to get off.  I may have black elbows all summer.

Freshly wax oiled and rust free (?!)

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