Tuesday, 7 June 2011

... and then there was light! (Amongst other things)

One of the major issues that we had not tackled thus far was the lighting system.  The previous MOT certificates that came with the van had suggest an on going lighting issue so we were well prepared to have to completely rewire.  A job that neither of us have the patience or will to tackle.

The indicators worked but nothing else did.  The light switch was suspected to be at fault so was removed while I sourced another; Not so simple.  I emailed countless people and scoured the internet trying to find a switch to no avail.  Until at the end of the third week of searching I struck gold.  Adrian Bailey had a NOS item; Brilliant.  "That'll be £130"  Said he.
"No chance."  Said I.
So that was that.  I had to swap out the original for a universal pull/ push switch that I picked up for £15.  Adrian's price was fair considering the rarity of the item but it was also way and above what I would consider paying.

Anyway, I rang my mate Mike who works on stairlift installation.  He's a dab hand with all things electrical and has one of those minds that can fathom the theoretical rather than the tactile.  He gave me a list of bits and bobs to fetch including some relays, fuse block, fuses, wire, switches as well as the stuff I already had like headlamp units, bulbs etc.  And so, on an overcast Sunday he arrived and got to work.

It was only about two hours later when he poked his head out the door and asked me to watched as he tried the lights.  Sides, dip and mains all good and stop and tail lights good at the rear.  Add those to front and rear indicators and we have a full house.  Job done.  We also have a five fuse system now so that should stop any nasty loom melting accidents.

While Mike had been busying himself with the electrics I fitted the new (reconditioned) horn I had sourced.  It's bloody loud considering.

Another friend of ours, Damo, made us up a new tail pipe in his lunch break.  I decided to have it exit on the nearside.  I have heard of a few people doing this and it doesn't seem to be a problem for the MOT.  I sent him the measurements and he sent me the tail pipe the following day.  Here it is with part of the old one and below is a photo of what it looks like on the van.

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