Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tick tock goes the MOT clock...

Well, I'd made some progress with Molly and got her driverside door back on.  Rather than using wood this time, as per Martin Walter coach builders, I went for what I hope to be a more lasting solution and made some plates up of of 3mm mild steel.  These were drilled for the hinges and had their nuts welded int position so I can really do up the mounting screws tight without fiddling around with spanners in small sapces. 
I then welded large bracing sections that I cut serrated sections into to grab the glassfibre when it was laid. 
I then glassed in some more wood between the plates replacing the original door frame.  The plates were bolted to these and the whole lot was glassed over with thick matting and Polyester resin. 
All fixings are stainless and of larger size than original.
That door won't be going anywhere for a while! 
One down, two to go.

The glass issue was sorted very easily by a local company in Taunton called Roman Glass.  They were incredibly helpful and in the time I'd gone to get money from the cash machine they had made a prefect replica of the original out of 6.4mm laminated glass inc hole and cut outs.  The chap charged me £10.
The aluminum strip at the back edge of the sliding window didn't fit with it's original gauge gasket so I have refitted it with a smear of silicone.
The fixing screws for the bottom section of window frame were long passed serviceable and had to be drilled out.  I found a 4mm nut held itself captive between the aluminum channel so I used these with CS stainless screws to reassemble.

The second MOT is tomorrow!

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