Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Big Day

It was three days before the MOT and the list of jobs seemed to be increasing.  The brakes hardly work, there were no out riggers behind the rear wheels, the rear nearside lamp doesn't work, the wipers park in the middle of the screen, there were no split pins in the front hubs, there is a large hole in the floor were we removed a carrier box (presumed to be for water tank), the welds needed to be ground back and filled on the upper nearside wheel arch...etc.

We took time off work to complete the jobs on Monday and Tuesday before the MOT on Wednesday (today!), it was to be a stressful few days.  We started by reversing the van up on to ramps so as to get at the out riggers.  As we did this we noticed some liquid leaking from beneath the van and discovered that the fuel line had fractured.  A good start.  With the back down off the ramps and the front in the air we cut out the offending pipe and jointed it with some rubber piping and a few clips.

Although (predictably) taking longer than we anticipated most jobs were completed by eleven on Tuesday night.  The brakes worked much better having been bled through a few more times and some adjustment on the cylinders.  Rachel patched the hole in the floor with a wooden panel and treated and waxoyled the rest of the chassis.  The engine cowling was back on and all the tools and crap had been removed from the van.  we also picked up a set of new tyres for £192.  The only problem being the rear lamp that I simply couldn't work out in all the madness of the last few days.

And so, after ten long months of Bedford-enforced poverty, frustration and anticipation... we have just arrived home from dropping Molly off at the garage, her first shot on the open road in over twelve years.  The drive down was nerve-racking yet surprisingly trouble free so we await the verdict from Gore Square Garage, and hope the nice mechanic man is a Debonair fan!

Good luck Molly!

The new outriggers.

 What is left of the old outriggers.

Petrol leak.

The rest of the old outriggers.

The new ones in place but not fixed.

On the way to the garage.

The box that is sunk into the floor of the Debonair to house the water tank/ leisure battery and used to mount the rear bench.  Unfortunately ours has seen better days so it's coming back to the workshop with me to be repaired.

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